Head Coach: Yaron Saf Weinberg


Coach Weinberg played rugby for eight years until an injury in 2004 forced him to retire as a competitor. From there, he got involved with USA Rugby in 2010 and has been developing his coaching career ever since.


Having to watch Rugby and not being able to participate, he looked for other ways to be involved in the sport. In 2010 a Forwards Coach position opened up and a friend suggested he apply. Pasadena U18 accepted his application and his coaching career began. Weinberg spent three seasons with the club until he was approached for a position to help with the resurrection of Pasadena Women’s Rugby Club.


He accepted the position as Head Forwards Coach with the Pasadena women’s team and after one not so successful season, he was asked to step down. Weinberg was sure it was the end of the once held dream of coaching in such a proud sport. He began looking for other organizations that needed help in his area. After searching through rugby teams in the area, he found that the Ventura County Outlaws team was in need of coaching assistance and he sent in his application. The interview was rigorous, as the Outlaws were very particular with what they were expecting of their coaching staff. They had been through several unsatisfactory seasons and wanted a coaching program that could make their next season one to be proud of. The Outlaws accepted Weinberg’s application and after three weeks of being on the coaching staff, he was proudly granted the title of Head Coach, with confidence in his ability to make the changes needed to help the team excel. In just one season the Outlaws swept their conference and found themselves heading to nationals and placing 8th in the country. Leading his new team to success after two seasons, Weinberg announced his long-anticipated move to Colorado. Another coaching search found that Colorado State University was looking for an assistant Coach to help with the well renowned Men’s Rugby Team. The late and great Coach Rod Hartley contacted Weinberg and after one phone interview and two face-to-face interviews, Weinberg accepted an offer for a position as the assistant head coach. Two weeks passed and upon sweeping the Jackalope Tournament in Wyoming, Weinberg was made Head coach of the CSU Men’s Rugby team. With respected Rod Hartley as a mentor, confidant, and friend, Weinberg went on to win the Coach of the Year award for Colorado State University. It was at that time a representative of the college approached him with a request to take on the CSU Women’s Rugby Team due to loss of coaching staff and an unsatisfactory win record.


He has been coaching 15’s through the 2018-2019 seasons as the Head Coach for Colorado State University Women’s D1 Rugby. He has every expectation of creating a competitive and disciplined environment to help improve CSU Women’s Rugby.


Email: safberg@gmail.com

Phone: 970-541-9542

Player Leadership Group

Email: csuwomensrugby@gmail.com

Phone: 970-541-9542

President: Alyssa Shepherd

Alyssa is responsible for making the club run as smoothly as it does, taking the head control over all admin related tasks.

Vice President: Marybeth Schufman

Marybeth is responsible for all recruit related information, travel and safety

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