Our Facilities

The team is fortunate enough to be a part of a campus with lots of field space and the state of the art facilities for everyone to use.

On warmer days the club is able to practice outside on one of the numerous real grass fields. The fields are right in the middle of campus. These fields are where we play our home games.

In the winter months, the club has access to the CSU Indoor Practice Facility. This is a place where the teams can train at 100% without having to worry about the weather. When there's a foot of snow outside, everyone simply goes inside where it's temperature and humidity controlled. 

When the club isn't at practice, CSU boasts one of the best Rec Centers in the country, complete with free weights, machines, an indoor track, basketball courts, indoor pool, indoor soccer field, and even a rock-climbing wall. Which are all great for increasing a rugby players fitness.

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